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Trance-Form Your Life right NOW!

A synthesis of three very powerful therapeutic modalities, making life fit!

Psychotherapy ◊   Hypnotherapy ◊   EFT (emotional  freedom techniques)

Trans4mational Therapy, is an effective multi modality therapeutic tool that I have developed over many years because managing our lives is important, life is, and always will be, a work in progress and to that end we have to be ahead of our game. When we have good life management skills we are involved in the process of living; when we do not, we are somewhat at its mercy! In essence, to be effective at living you have to first know WHAT to do and second; DO IT!

Almost from the day we are born (and possibly even before that), we are emotionally, physically and mentally being conditioned, by Nature, Parent's, Society, our Environment and even the Universe. They demand or suggest that we behave in certain ways. However, many of these are not great teachers and the lessons we learn may do more harm than good; however well-intentioned they may be. The most consistent and valuable of these are the universal laws; however, they are somewhat arbitrary in nature and easily open to misinterpretation!

As we develop we gain our understanding of life (our own that is) and have the task of making sense of universal as societal laws as well as those of our own perceptual survival. Life isn't fair and in the greater sense doesn't have to be. Shakespeare said: All the world's a stage, And all the men and women merely players, They have their exits and their entrances; And one man in his time plays many parts. A profound insight of life from 400 years ago. To a certain extent, not much has changed, because life is, in a sense, a game and how we play it is often reflected by how it appears to be. Why do I say appears to be? Well, it is mostly a matter of perception. We certainly know that if you put several people in a particular situation you will likely get several accounts of it! If that's the case, which it seems to be, then the circumstance becomes a matter of individual's subjective interpretation. So, if the situation is the situation but accounts of it differ, it suggests that we are somehow influencing it by the way we interpret it! If that is so, then we don't have to change the world or the past, merely the way we see and respond to it?

That is what Therapy is mainly about. We can't change the past, we more than likely can't change the world either; but we can change our response to it! This is really good news for YOU, as changing the past or the World would be a momentous undertaking. So, it  makes good sense that the thing to change is ourself! And very often when we change ourself; others appear to change also!

Because Therapy is such a subjective experience, I offer a free, no strings attached, Consultation. The objective is to discuss your particular issue and ask any questions that can assist you in making the decision as to whether my Therapy can help you. Because therapy needs the co-operation and consent of the Client (to be most effective) the Consultation is your opportunity to try before you buy. If you like it; try it! THE CHOICE IS YOURS!

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