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Therapy options and therapeutic choices!

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I hope you enjoy your visit, feel free to browse the various topics or visit the site navigation map, there you'll find a list of every page on this site. Also, if you have any questions relating to either my therapy services or your particular concern, please feel free to call me, +65 9186 3575 or email to: [email protected]

Trans4mational Therapy

Therapy for the very way we live. Life is lived on many levels and creates different feelings of experience from day to day. Because no one therapeutic modality is a panacea for all issues, Trans4mational Therapy aims to address things from a different perspective. A multi modality approach towards emotional healing!

RST Rapid-Session-Therapy 

The fastest most effective form of Hypno-therapy available, for certain people who, for reasons unknown, just click with hypnosis. Working directly with the subconscious mind for a profound and quick way to lasting change. However, to get phenomenal results for those of us who are not so inclined (me included) thee is Trans4mational Therapy; help is available for everyone!


Life Coaching with a difference, fast and permanent. Use the power of your Mind thru Hypnosis to make lasting change

EFT (emotional freedom techniques)

A non-invasive form of acupressure, highly effective, easy to learn and use. The ultimate portable self-help tool. Powerful Personal Healing - at your finger tips!

My experience over the past 17 years, suggests that many of life's difficulties are a combination of psychological and developmental issues, as well as some ineffective or unwanted lifestyle choices. Sometimes the choice of preference just isn't available to us! And of course, psychological and developmental issues can greatly influence and sometimes limit our choices, these choices can awaken dormant emotional behaviour!

Therapy essentially aims to help the client live a fulfilling and fully functional life. That way we get the best out of our self and every facet of life; life should be fun and if its not; then perhaps we aren't living it correctly!

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