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Rapid Session Therapy

Fast track relief from your problems!

Rapid Session Therapy is simply the application of Hypnotherapy alone; as in, a single modality therapy. Despite what any therapist may tell you, Hypnosis does not work for everyone. Hypnotherapy works well for most issues, but it works exceptionally well for certain types of people and certain issues! Hypnosis is a natural phenomena that people experience every day; involuntarily that is. Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy, is the voluntary facilitation of this involuntary state!

Which type of person it works well for depends on many things; but has nothing to do with what you do for a living, if you have or do not have a Degree, whether you are a manual or office worker, employed or unemployed old or young etc. It is relative to how you subconsciously process your internal experience of life - Trying is knowing!

The purpose of the FREE Consultation is to discover which type of Therapy will work best for you, i.e. my conventional Trans4mational Therapy, or my NEW Rapid session Therapy!

So, how will you know which you think is better for you? Well the type of person that responds exceptionally well to Hypnotherapy will know that Rapid Session Therapy is the right one to go for.

During the Consultation, apart from taking a brief case history, I will demonstrate all three styles. How you experience Hypnosis will demonstrate whether the Rapid Session Therapy is The RIGHT one for YOU! I have very competitively priced my Rapid Session Therapy, so that those who are particularly suitable to this type of Therapy benefit greatly from it.

However, if you are more suited to my Trans4mational Therapy; this is still very competitively priced, compared to other Therapists/Therapies in this field; that makes it a Win-Win situation for YOU!

Rapid Session Therapy is the best value Therapy in Singapore (and it's effective too)!

However, the decision of which Therapy to use is based on the client's ability to experience Hypnosis; not the low cost!

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