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Do you suffer from debilitating Anxiety?

Is Anxiety:

  • Ruining the quality of your life?    
  • Preventing you from making friends?    
  • Stopping you finding a soul mate?  
  •  Hurting your relationships?
  • Limiting or stalling your career? 
  • Keeping you in a job you really do not like?
  • Preventing you eating in public places?   
  • Preventing you going out in public?

If you answered yes to any or all of those questions, then it's time to take action; don't let Anxiety rob you of the life you deserve and want!

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Some anxiety is actually quite normal. It helps us evaluate situations that may prove to be harmful or dangerous. But when it interferes with everyday living or limits the quality of our life; it can prevent us from doing things that may be beneficial and that can actually be harmful!. For example, social anxiety may prevent us from meeting new friends, or the partner of our dreams. It can impair our career advancement, it can make us lonely and often sad people!

But it doesn't have to be this way. We really can learn to understand our anxiety and then conquer it. When we learn to determine our emotional states, life becomes more meaningful. But what do I mean, determine our emotional states? The brain has several structures that are involved in the fear or defensive mechanisms of how we experience life. Chief amongst these are two little structures (one in each hemisphere) called the amygdala. When you experience anxiety or fear, the amygdala is at work. However, we can learn to react differently to anxiety, we can learn its signals, take alternative steps, create better outcomes!

How you may ask? Well there are many ways and mine is one of them. Having been a former sufferer of debilitating anxiety I developed a method that is easy to follow, but I am not saying it is easy to do, but it can be! I am saying that if you follow the programme, do the exrecises (not physical, although I would recommend some form of physical activity) it will bring results; without a doubt. Added to this, is the work we will do in Hypnosis, Hypnosis will allow you to make progress at the subconscious level; the place where your negative and anxiety provoking thoughts come from!

To learn more about my Anxiety Freedom Programme, why not call or email me. Alternatively, you can make an appointment online for a free Consultation and discuss the matter in more depth. The Consultation is completely free and without obligation and you are free to choose what to do at the end of it!

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