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Overcoming Depression with Hypnotherapy, Psychotherapy & EFT

Depression, difficult to live with; but not necessarily difficult to treat! See NIMH (National Institute of Mental Health) For more detail.

In fact treatment for depression has success rates upwards of 80% in many cases. A combined approach, using medication and therapy, has, historically, been proven to be very effective. The causes of depression can be genetic, environmental, biological and or psychological Read more

The above factors somehow affect parts of our brains architecture and cause them to be either hyper or hypoactive. An imbalance within our brains chemical make up (neurotransmitters) is believed to be a cause of much depression!

Treatment can be psychological or by medication or both (one doesn't preclude the other) Read more NIMH

Also, because depression can co-exist with other disorders, e.g. anxiety or stress disorders or even be confused with physical disorders, such as hypothyroidism. So it is always wise to visit your GP in the first instance to get a proper diagnoses! 

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