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emotional freedom techniques

EFT the Magical Healing Power of Your Hands!

EFT (emotional freedom techniques) is a Meridian Therapy that involves tapping the head and body with your fingers; it has often been likened to Acupuncture without needles. In reality the two procedures are physically poles apart. Nevertheless, both offer the prospect of remarkable results. Which suits you best, is down to choice; your hoice!

EFT essentially separates our thoughts from our feeling or emotion; hence the term emotional freedom. Our thoughts are intrinsically linked to our emotion and visa versa. The tapping procedure, whilst saying certain phrases, somehow breaks this connection. I have provided a Tapping Guide below and suggest you give it a try.

For those who prefer to seek expert help, I provide specific EFT sessions. I guess the most difficult part for you the client, is that you may find it difficult to know what words to say. Obviously, as a practitioner with 12 years experience, I have a good grasp on what to say and this comes from the pre session discussion on your issue(s) as well as my many years of experience.

Sometimes it is also the case that the problem itself cannot be easily identified! We may be well aware of the surface symptoms but the underlying problem may be masked. No matter what the case may be, rest assured, there are ways to ascertain the cause of the problem and from there the solution may be found.

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I also teach EFT as part of my Trans4mational Therapy treatment. If you want to know more about EFT or my other Therapy options, why not make an appointment for a Free Consultation?  You've got nothing to lose; except your problem!

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